Older Mums and those whose children are growing up...

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Cliffstomper Fri 26-Sep-14 11:45:43

Hi all!
Just curious..... because I had both my little darlings when I was over 40 I often feel a bit ancient to continue with Mumsnet, particularly now one has left home and the other is almost 16. I don't feel old enough for U3A though. So many of the Mumsnetters have little tiny ones! Am I too old? Is there somewhere else I could/should go? Are there any other older Mums around? I know I'll always be a Mum but I do feel a bit of a fraud on here as I'm old enough to retire and get my works pension lol

tumpymummy Thu 16-Oct-14 18:54:37

Some mumsnetters are over 40! I am!

Esoteric Sat 22-Nov-14 18:39:54

Hi I'm 52 , married, live in Henleaze, and have A 16 year old, I know how you feel, I would like to meet people as moved here 6 months ago and work from home for myself , but tumble tots etc isn't an option!!

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