Red Maids or Bristol Grammar for my daughter

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SimplyTired Thu 26-Jun-14 22:34:24

My daughter is currently in Year 5 a state primary school in North Bristol and having visited a number of schools we have decided that our favourites are BGS and Red Maids. She will sit the entrance exam for both in January 2015 with a view to joining Year 7 in September 2015.

I am finding it difficult to decide which school I prefer although the results of the entrance exam may mean that there's no decision to be made! There are pros and cons for each school.

Red Maids: Excellent results, IB, caring atmosphere, not overly pressurised. Not sure if I really like single sex education or not since when they go to work life will be dominated by men in the office and I think they should get used to the gender imbalance growing up. However all the studies seem to say that girls do better in single sex schools and are more likely to pick subjects such as Physics and Maths than in a co-ed environment

BGS: Excellent results, nurturing environment, great leadership from the Headmaster but fairly high pressure environment and girls only make up about 40% of each year's intake. I liked the co-ed side of things but am now asking myself how do girls fare in this school. Are they tending to choose Foreign Languages and Arts over Physics and Chemistry? How do A level results compare between boys and girls? Of course this information is not available on their website but it would be interesting to see what parents of children attending BGS have to say about how girls fare in this school.

My daughter is probably able to get into either, is very sociable and not easily intimidated. She is also very pretty (mixed-race parentage) and I am wondering if we should let her join the boys or keep her away from them!!

Lucy161288 Sat 28-Jun-14 21:30:32

Hi My Cousin attends red maids and she loves it. She does have some special educational needs and was previously at state school, red maids have really nurtured her and she has done so well there. I believe the quite frequently team up with QEH ( the boys school) for trips, discos ect. If I was choosing for my son I would def go for the less pressurised environment I went to King's Hall private school which was very pressurised and I frequently suffered from stress migraines from a young age I think if a child has it in them to do well they are going to go it with or without the added pressure. Hope this helps.

Bracquemond Sun 20-Jul-14 04:34:46

Both schools have excellent reputations going back decades to my knowledge. RM is considered (dare I say?) more prestigious?

Newfamily2014 Mon 25-Aug-14 12:04:18

Definitely Red Maids'! Although I'm biased as I went there (albeit several years ago as I'm 33!). I received more than just an academic education and the School does have a caring atmosphere. Personally, I think it being single sex is an advantage as all the studies show that girls excel when in a single sex environment (no boys to out dominate, or distract!). I have no brothers and my Father died when I was young and didn't have any trouble when at Uni etc mixing with boys. I'm now a doctor, pleased I went to RMS and hope to send my daughter there when she's older. Good luck in your choice!

Sidney Fri 29-Aug-14 22:36:22

I have 2 sons and a daughter at BGS and they all love it there, having come from a state primary. My daughter was quite shy and lacking in confidence when she started (though adamant that she wanted to go there), but after 4 years there has really blossomed into a quietly confident person, who has a good sense of who she is and what she might be able to be. I like BGS because I think 'co-ededness' makes it much more rooted in the real world than a single sex school. My oldest son, in the sixth form, has a delightful mixed group of friends, who seem to have none of the torments about being teenager, that I, who went to a single-sex school had.
Good luck making your decision - I know it is a difficult one.

Nenita2012 Fri 05-Feb-16 22:52:33

Simplytired, which school did you choose in the end? We are debating between Silverhill, Bgs, and Red Maids and cannot decide... Any information and advice id welcome.
We live in North Bristol and have a son too which means if we go for Red Maids he will hav to go to a different school...

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