Aerobics for ladies in South Bristol....

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JoannaWright Mon 24-Mar-14 19:49:22

Hello ladies! I am restarting my aerobics class, yippee! Move over Zumba, time to dust off your leg warmers, embrace the good old grapevine and box step and groove your way through 50minutes of 80's and 90's tunes, burning calories and sweating off those Cabernet Sauvignon calories so you can indulge freely at the weekends. /emo/te/wine.gif If you like a relaxed, fun(ny) teacher, a guaranteed work out then come along Wednesday nights, term time only to The Church of The Nazarene, Broadwalk, Knowle (on the same side of the road as Knowle Cricket & Tennis club). 8pm. Ring me if you want persuading. Joanna 07878 357 768/emo/te/1.gif

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