FREE Percussion Workshop for Children - Rhythm and Movement

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MatthewWilliamRichards Fri 14-Feb-14 18:02:41

Hello! My name's Matthew Richards. I'm a 28 year old musician and teacher from Bristol. I have always been interested in how music can be used as a tool to foster communication and interaction between children. Music can transcend the barriers that divide us socially and culturally. Music is a language spoken by all, making it an inclusive and unifying experience. It binds us together and can bring forth attributes in a person that were previously latent.

I am devising a series of workshops that are designed for children between the ages of four and ten. (Some of the workshops will be designed specifically for children on the autistic spectrum or with learning difficulties; more information on those coming soon.) The primary focus is using the fundamental principals of music - i.e melody, harmony and rhythm - to encourage children to become more aware of themselves and how they relate to others.

My first workshop, 'Rhythm and Movement' is percussion based. The aim is to engage children in acting out internal rhythms (heartbeat, breathing) and external rhythms (in music) using percussion, movement, self-expression and teamwork. The workshop will contain several games, exercises and the making of percussion instruments using pasta, lentils and empty containers. Each game and exercise is designed to inspire positive interaction and communication, as well as sparking the imagination.

The structure of the workshop is as follows:

- Warm up and Introductions
- What is Rhythm?
- Pendulums & Clocks (The Rhythm Of Time)
- Pass The Ball To The Beat (Two Variations)
- Call & Response
- Role Play Rhythms - Runners, Walkers & Crawlers (Two Variations)
(Break - Drink & Biscuits)
- Making Your Own Percussion
- Keep The Beat!
- Call & Response With Piano
- Human Drum Kit
- Breathing With The Gong

This workshop requires 15 children. Parents please contact me (details below) if you have a child or children who want to join in, that way i can formally add you to the list. Entry will be on a first come first serve basis but don't worry if you miss this one because i will be holding many more over the coming months! Additionally if you have a child who is interested in one to one creative music sessions then please get in touch. My email is or you can phone me on 07920407490.

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