Moving to Bristol!

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weetabix999 Thu 09-Jan-14 21:22:15

Hi All - we're moving to Bristol in April, but not sure about areas...
We're currently looking at Long Ashton as it has the 'village' feel, but is also close to the centre...does anyone live there - it would be great to get some kind of a it full of pensioners - will we go mad there?!

Failing that - any other ideas are welcome - we can't really afford the city unfortunately! x

Elisecas Mon 24-Feb-14 22:34:43

It depends what you want really. Long Ashton is a bit 'out of the way' but if you like countryside and don't need the proximity to the city, it might suit you very well.

Moving from London last year I discovered that areas around Bristol are rather distinct with their own personalities. Lots of people like Bedminster for its prices and proximity to the city (and the flatness of the walk/cycle right). Getting out a bit suits many people, and Portishead and Clevedon are also popular as they aren't very far away and have sea on the doorstep.

I chose to go slightly north of the city, to a suburban area in the middle of Fishponds/Downend/Staple Hill because its got little high streets and cafes for weekend brunches, wide roads for parking, nice gardens with normal houses, and is 17 mins on a bus into the city, 10 minutes to bristol parkway for fast trains to London, and 25mins drive to my fave cotswolds pub. And, well, I'm just in S Gloucestershire and apparently the schools and hospitals sometimes have an edge there.

Perhaps if you describe what you're really looking for - what's most important to you - we can help?

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