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peppapug Wed 08-May-13 13:44:28

Can anyone recommend a good one? Also, would love to get rough idea of cost? We are moving from a 3 bed in Bristol, usual amount of furniture - sofa, bed, etc to another 3 bed 8 miles away. Am wondering if we can afford the packing service too...


crazymum53 Fri 10-May-13 09:13:10

I would recommend Kwikmove who we have found very good and reliable with reasonable rates. We have used them recently for moving a part load 300 miles and for our main house move a few years ago.

peppapug Sun 12-May-13 13:47:09

thanks - have emailed for a quote. they so seem to get good reviews

elsie07 Thu 16-May-13 22:00:30

Kwikmove are ok although they can be a little rushed and careless. Nightingale Removals are excellent and not much more expensive. Their packing service is also brilliant.

peppapug Mon 20-May-13 15:19:58

oh thanks, havent heard of them, will have a look

Lookingtothestars Mon 20-May-13 17:18:50

Hobdens were really good and packed up everything carefully, even individually wrapping the toys!

Mrs84 Tue 21-May-13 23:39:49

Have used The Small Move Company twice and they have been very good. Cost is about £360 for the day, not sure if they offer a packing service but they do provide returnable boxes.

peppapug Wed 22-May-13 13:16:10

Thanks. After reading lots on MN about packing services, I've decided I desperately want to do this, sounds AMAZING!!! Will check these recommendations out too, thanks again

WhereDidILeaveThat Fri 24-May-13 11:04:01

I'd DEFINITELY recommended a packing service. It is utter bliss watching your clutter belongings magically disappear into neat boxes faster than the speed of light. If you can, get them to unpack too, they should be extra careful then about how they pack and label :-)

I would have previously recommended Hobdens having used them a couple of times but unfortunately we had a bad experience with their packers this year. If you use them (or any other company) I would check they only employ permanent staff. I think a couple of our packers were temporary and it showed. Things were carelessly flung into boxes, arriving damaged at the other end; they packed stuff we asked them not to (we have had to make an 80 mile round trip to take it all back to the old house) and they ignored our labeling of boxes so stuff ended up jumbled in boxes and in the wrong room. It has taken weeks to sort out and find things.

I've heard good things about Nightingales though.

peppapug Sun 26-May-13 15:47:13

Good tip about temporary staff, thanks.
Still have a bit of time to decide who to go with so will check all of these out. This will be our 3rd move in 2 years shock so don't plan on going anywhere after this for a verrrry long time

pattootlen123 Wed 11-May-16 16:27:34

Hey mums! I can see this is an old thread but people move all the time so thought it might help others looking for current reviews to know that with a young family, a big busy (prefer that to 'chaotic'!) household, we chose Nightingale of Weston-super-Mare to pack all our stuff, move us, keep some of our possessions in storage and then move them out again. Absolutely great service start to finish. They don't use agency staff apparently and all the crew are obviously trained properly to pack things in the 'correct' way. No breakages or complaints and all done professionally amidst our domestic messiness! Wholly recommend.

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