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theonlywayisbristol Thu 25-Apr-13 12:13:41

I'm relocating to s. bristol with a 4 yr old and twin 10 yr olds in September - it's all been a bit of a last-minute decision and I am way behind the curve of local schools knowledge.

We know where we're living - Chessels bit of Bedminster, behind North St - so our nearest school is Luckwell which seems to have impressive rebuilding outside (I'm waiting for an appt to see inside) and has been turned around to a 'good' Ofsted inspection. But Ashton Gate, rated outstanding, is not that much further away - should I risk putting it 1st? And what should I put for the 3rd choice? I know the pressure on all these schools is immense, but Bristol city council admissions peeps have said lots of the primaries are doing bulge years, and as I'm making a late application, hoping I might get lucky... though obviously a quick scout on here has horror stories of being given a school in Shirehampton - I'm a working mum and just couldn't do that commute, esp as she'll finish school 3 hours before I leave work.

anyway - worst case scenario, I have to take out a loan, find a private nursery for 4 yr olds near my work and just hang on for a place to turn up... has anyone done this and would recommend anywhere?

also I have twin 10 yr olds - I went and stood outside Ashton Gate on Sunday and the rebuild looks amazing - if anyone has any advice about this school too I would be very grateful

givemeaclue Fri 26-Apr-13 14:46:56

SouthVille or south st are your other local schools. Luckwell and Ashton gate are both well thought of and with all the bulge classes you should get places at one of the local schools. Visit the schools for a look and then decide which one to put first at unless you are in a priority criteria you are likely get vthe earest one with space. Holy cross he you are catholic.

Secondary, different story and lots in that area get the bus to non local schools.

givemeaclue Fri 26-Apr-13 14:49:01

When you ,age Ashton gate for the ten year olds did younmean Ashton park secondary? Take a look at theireexam results, not very good at all, that is why so many go to cathedral school, st Mary redcliffe ( c of e). And st Katherines.

theonlywayisbristol Fri 26-Apr-13 17:32:01

I did mean Ashton Park, yes - a local secondary near us had a massive multimillion rebuild and four years later the results shot up - also a new super head in charge - but does it not have a good rep locally? I'm going to try for the Cathedral school but I get the impression so does most of Bristol... and my lack of religion pretty much counts out St Mary R. Haven't seen St Katherine's though - will check out, thank you!

crazymum53 Fri 26-Apr-13 17:49:51

Ashton Park has become much more popular since the rebuild and am aware of several very bright children (level 5+) in my dds year (currently Y8) who have gone there so this may feed through with better results in a few years time.
Ashton Park has specialist sports status that should appeal to one of your DTs. St Mary R doesn't do Drama as a separate subject until Y10 so may not suit a Drama lover. The Cathedral school and Bedminster Down school take drama from Y7. Cathedral school is banded lottery system but VERY oversubscribed. Ashton Park would be your catchment school and unlikely to be oversubscribed. Secondary schools have Open days in September and October, but some information about choices is given to parents in the Summer term of Y5.
Am in BS4 so unsure about primary schools. other than that nearly everybody I know in Southville has chosen Ashton Gate as their first choice. Other possibilities are Ashton Vale (small school), South street (Compass point) has expanded and may have room for reception children and Parson street has also taken on additional pupils.

givemeaclue Fri 26-Apr-13 18:55:23

Ashton park had a new head there was an improvement in results for one year and since then not much! 48% get 5 good gcses which is rubbish compared to other schools mentioned. Bristol one of worst performing councils for education with higher than average in private schools. Ashton park doesn't have a good reputation locally for exam results.

givemeaclue Fri 26-Apr-13 19:01:31

Oops just checked it is 43 %For Ashton park,.
81% for cathedral, but may be skewed as was private school till recently.
68% For st Mary redcliffe
St Katherines also 48% so also not great, they have a new head too

givemeaclue Fri 26-Apr-13 19:05:45

Are the twidp boys or girls, colston girls another dw private school entry by lottery good school

givemeaclue Fri 26-Apr-13 19:06:02

Ex private school sorry

givemeaclue Fri 26-Apr-13 19:06:53

BedMinster down is 40% at gcse

theonlywayisbristol Sat 27-Apr-13 17:58:13

I can see there are a lot of good schools within driving distance that get good results - I suppose I'm hoping the rebuild and facilities will draw the kids that might have gone to St Mary RC - and I'm hoping my boys will make lots of friends who all live near us...
we stood outside it last sunday (doing a proper school visit in a week's time) and it does have the most amazing setting - being from london, we just couldn't believe how enormous the grounds were, and the new classrooms look great, from the outside anyway!!
my twins are boys - one really sporty, one not, largely though because they hate competing, so one does loads of football while the other does drama club!!! I'm married to a deputy head and he always says it takes three years to change a school and six years to change its reputation... I guess we'll just have to see how the boys feel when they go round!! I'll see if we can get on the BCS waiting list too.

givemeaclue Sat 27-Apr-13 21:03:02

Bristol city council keep doing this, spending loads on new facilities and the schools don't improve! Ashton gate has already had new head, investment in new facilities but unfortunately the exam results stay below average. Fingers crossed that this next new head makes a difference!

theonlywayisbristol Sun 28-Apr-13 08:42:33

Hmm - a lot of the private schools seem to be doing means-tested assisted places too... And have just looked at BCS, which has banding system but priority for kids with musical talents, that gets you a better chance of getting in, so a parent who wants to get their kid in there could invest in music lessons, etc - am sure if I'd been in bristol for a while, I would have done this! Oh well - will visit ashton gate and find out if they do, for example, streaming from year 7, and take it from there... Thanks for the advice!!

Thatssofunny Sun 28-Apr-13 18:56:17

If your sons are 10 in September, shouldn't they be in Year 6?

Luckwell is having more building work done over the summer, in order to accommodate a bulge class in reception next September.
In terms of secondary school, an alternative for quite a few parents in the area seems to be Backwell Secondary School, which is supposed to be very good.

theonlywayisbristol Sun 28-Apr-13 20:47:33

Aha will look up! Re the ds twins, they turn 11 in June

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