Gutted :( not accepted for Whitchurch Preschool

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LucyLilac12 Mon 25-Mar-13 20:21:18

I was late to put my name down on the Local Pre-school waiting list and have just recieved a letter to say I havn't got a place for my son sad I know they are an amazing Preschool, I have heard such fab reviews of their practice and I don't know what to do now as the other nearby nurseries don't even compare! People are putting there childrens names down at 2months old.. If I had known this I would have put my name down a lot sooner.. Surely there arent that many places lacking for Preschool children??? Help!!

givemeaclue Sun 07-Apr-13 21:11:12

Put my name down when pregnant for pre school!

crazymum53 Mon 08-Apr-13 10:57:34

Depends what you mean by "late" in putting his name down for a place. If you mean that you applied after a deadline then yes that would affect whether your child would be offered a place. Seem to remember that it was possible to register an interest for younger children, but the pre-school held an Open day in the Spring term when children were 2 years old, when you were asked to fill in a form and given a deadline to return it.
Ask if you can stay on the waiting list as many parents apply for more than one pre-school and some children do leave to go into full-time nursery. The council run nurseries only allocate places about a month before children start, so there will be quite a lot of movement. HTH

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