Natural Parenting Meet up in Knowle/Stockwood/Brislington

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MeandMilo Sat 09-Mar-13 10:34:29

Tuesday 12th March at 1pm at Burnbush Children's Centre, BS14 8DQ.

The meet up at Burnbush is run by a Natural Parenting group. The following is taken from their Facebook page:

A Natural Parent may be someone who listens to their instincts. A Natural Parent is more likely to cosleep, breastfeed, babywear, use gentle discipline, home educate, use complementary medicine, do BLW, use cloth nappies,or practice elimination communication. You do not need to be doing all (or any) of them. It is not a fixed box that you either fit in or not. Bristol Natural Parenting Group is not exclusive, everyone will be welcomed in to the group, we aim to create a comfortable relaxed atmosphere for children to play and parents to talk.

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