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StAndrewsMama Wed 23-Jan-13 01:18:39

Can anyone help me with nursery/childcare recommendations in St Andrews, BS7 please? My son is 18 months old and it's time I took the plunge and try to find a job - doing what I dont quite know yet! Anyhow, whatever it is, hopefully I'll only have to do it for 3 days per week and it will actually cover the cost of the [said] childcare with at least £5 to spare. Hence, I'm trying to research possibilities in the local area. Or, should I use a childminder? I don't know what to do ! And already I'm feeling extremely anxious at the mere prospect of leaving him in anyone else's care - I guess this is normal?

Nurseries seem to be averaging £50ish per full day ? I've checked out the ofsted Report for Zebedees but it's not looking too good to me... anyone have experience there please ? Any suggestions / recommendations /job offers gratefully received. And thank you in advance for reading my little request x

scottysarah Tue 29-Jan-13 20:54:16

My little girl (13 months) has just started going to Ashgrove Road Day Nursery and loves it. (They have a 'Good' rating from ofsted). It is at the pricier end at over £50 a day but given the alternatives, and how much E is enjoying herself - I was nervous about leaving her - it's money well spent.

I read about Zebedees too and decided not to go and look at it on that basis. I checked out Green Door nursery too, but I wasn't too impressed by their outside area. Having said that, my friend's little one goes there (to Green Door that is) and is as happy as a lark.


KJB14 Sat 09-Mar-13 13:07:18

Find a childminder that provides a home from home environment(most do). Go visit as many as you want until you find the one you like. I used to have childminder it £40 a day but it can range up to £50. You can find a list of childminders on local council website i think or they will send a list on request

Or you could do a nanny share but have no experience of this.

Good luck

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