Play dates - Sneyd Park / Stoke Bishop / Westbury Park

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Bristolbabe Sun 27-Jan-13 21:01:56

I'm in stoke bishop and have a 19month old. We're around Tuesdays and Fridays too so message me if you fancy meeting up.

Toddlerbuds Mon 10-Dec-12 00:34:45

Hi Chewy and Backtobrizzle, that's brill would love to meet up. My little one has a tummy bug at the mo (currently sleeping on me grinding her teeth and groaning sad ) so realistically it'll be after Xmas now anyway. I'll send you a private message and hopefully we can arrange something

Backtobrizzle Sun 09-Dec-12 22:57:06

Hi I am moving back from London in January and will be living in Westbury park. I have a dd 3yo and a ds 13months and we will be looking for new friends so would love to meet. I will have Fridays off work.....

546chewy Sat 08-Dec-12 21:10:05

Dear Toddlerbuds I am a 37yr old mum, with a 21 month old girl too. I live in chew but often head out into Bristol for a decent park, and change of scene.
I would like the chance to meet up with some more mum buddies too. My wee one and I would like to meet more play buddies, and I am looking forward to some more adult conversation!!
I work weekends, but free Tuesday's and Fridays.

Toddlerbuds Sat 08-Dec-12 09:44:13

Heya I'm 30 with a 21 month old Iittle girl. We'd love to meet some more local mums and their toddlers. We used to live nr Gloucester Road but moved up here when I was pregs and I'd like to have a few pals within walking distance to have coffee with and for the kiddiewinks to play. I work part time but Tuesdays and Fridays are free. Anyone with similar aged little ones want to come and play?

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