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Firstimemom Fri 07-Dec-12 09:17:18

Hi , I'm due in January and we just moved to Nailsea. I don't know anybody here and missed all local antenatals too (( . Would like to meet first time mums and dads, as my husband is new to the area and the whole baby thing too smile .

BristolLEd Tue 18-Dec-12 18:39:51

Hi Firstimemom,

Sorry, it's been a little quiet in here lately! I hope some Nailsea mums appear soon smile if not are you able to travel?
We have 4 new Local Ambassadors (lovely mums volunteering to arrange meet-ups) in other areas of Bristol, and they will be planning meet-ups in the new year. You can view which areas have Local Ambassadors in the 'group meet-ups' section. I think we will also do a 'Bristol wide' meet up.

Good luck with your last few weeks of pregnancy, get some sleep whilst you still can!

Selena (Local editor for Mumsnet Bristol)

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