Sefton Park primary or Ashley down Brunel fields

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Backtowest Fri 30-Nov-12 20:20:44

Does anyone have opinion on either of these 2 schools please. On paper they look great and have visited an again they both seem good so am struggling a little to choose between the 2. Looking at last years distances we should stand a chance of getting into either ( well maybe hopefully!). Would really appreciate any honest thoughts as haven't lived here that long.

BoredinBishopston Mon 03-Dec-12 16:05:11

I visited ashley down brunel fields for dd1 (now y1). Loved the school but put off by single form entry and only one class above her. I felt move from that to large secondary would be hard. But more children there now and 2 form entry, so my reservations would be gone. I know a few people with children there and they love the school, not sure about it having much of a community though.
I didn't look at sefton park (too far away for us to get in) but know lots of people there who are very happy, although seem to be less so with juniors than infants. But very friendly and welcoming (and active) pta if you are looking to meet people.
Not an expert but that's my impression from knowing a people at each.

BristolLEd Mon 03-Dec-12 19:07:30

I don't know about Ashley Down, but have a lot of friends with kids who are at Sefton Park, and they love it. I've only ever heard them sing it's praises and am hoping to send DD there in a couple of years. I've been to a lot of their fetes and jumble sales etc. and it has a great vibe and all the teachers seem really friendly.

Brubberduckies Thu 06-Dec-12 09:36:05

My DS started at Brunel Fields this year in reception and LOVES it! It is a really vibrant, positive school, and the parents are very friendly, from a wide mix of backgrounds. The school has a great ethos and the staff are very enthusiastic, which I think comes from being a new school. My friend teaches yr1 there as well and says it is her best teaching job yet, I think if the teachers are happy it is the best recommendation you can get.

DS went to preschool at Sefton Park, and I don't have many bad things to say about it, apart from the infants and junior buildings seem quite old and tired and crowded, and I have also heard grumbles from parents about the juniors not being quite as up to scratch as the infants.

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