Anyone Home Educating in Bristol/BS4 .

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whoarethesekidsfollowingme Thu 15-Nov-12 13:28:41

Hi folks ..
Totally new to the HE adventure and looking to touch base with some fellow HE peolpe.
DD .. 5yrs old and in school (all good)
DS .. 13yrs old and not.

Long story, looking forward to any fellow

BristolLEd Sun 18-Nov-12 23:03:49

Hi whoarethesekidsfollowingme,
Bristol's Local Editor here, just to say that with the launch of the new Local pages, talk has been a little quiet lately as there was a brief cross over period where it wasn't yet up and running.
I don't know a lot about HE myself I'm afraid but I'm sure our lovely mumsnetters will come out of hiding soon!
I will also put the word out. smile

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