Moving to Clevedon....HELP!!!!

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sportybird Sun 28-Oct-12 14:40:59

Hello lovely mumsnetters!

We are moving to Clevedon in the new year and are trying to wade through all of the issues that come with moving to an entirely new place.

I will be returning for a second visit in a couple of weeks and have bookings with primary schools to get us started. BUT I would really appreciate some local opinions on:

primary schools
places to live/avoid

Any tips/hints/opinions wlecome!

Thanks so much, Anna xxx

daisywest Thu 15-Nov-12 16:15:37

Based just outside of Clevedon here, I don't have kids myself but know the area well, I can't think of anywhere to avoid, most of the areas are lovely to live in...Hill Road area is very posh and around the sea front is quaint and gorgeous. It's a fab place to bring up kids with easy access to the motorway for days out etc.

Hear nothing but good about the schools and nurseries.

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