Looking for someone to repair sash windows in Bristol

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apismalifica Thu 25-Oct-12 23:12:59

Anyone know of a company who will give me an estimate for work to sash windows? Need to repair from inside as it's a 3rd floor flat and too high up for a reasonable price if they had to put up scaffolding. Problem is I'm still in the process of buying the flat and the window companies I have contacted appear to think I only want an estimate to beat down the price. I might ask for a price reduction if it's really expensive, but my main aim is to book to get the job done as soon as possible after I exchange contracts and get it repaired and serviced, if possible before I move in (owner has already moved away and it's empty). Any sash window companies you can recommend?

Thanks, in advance, any info welcome!

souwester Tue 20-Nov-12 10:58:17

Hi don't know if you are still looking but I can give you the contacts for a v reliable joiner specialist in sash windows - send me a pm if you still need.

JaneCP Wed 26-Dec-12 08:39:36

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