Desperately seeking a home!

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QueenofWhatever Mon 08-Oct-12 12:42:25

I used Ocean and Kendall Harper are also good, I would try some of the Glos Road agents. I had no problem as a single parent new to the area but I also wonder if the bigger issue is you having been abroad. I would offer guarantors if you can.

exexpat Sun 07-Oct-12 23:19:47

I was in a similar position a few years ago - moving back from overseas, single parent, two children, looking round Clifton. Also this time of year. I just spent a day going round to register with every single estate agent in Clifton Village and on Whiteladies Road. Some were more helpful than others, but I got shown about half a dozen potential places by two agencies, and found somewhere within a week. Rents are horrendous, of course.

Biggest issue I found was not landlords not liking children but the problem of having been abroad so long that I had no credit record here. I had to get my parents to act as guarantors in the end.

Bubblemoon Fri 05-Oct-12 11:22:51

We've had great experiences with Hydes in The Mall, Clifton. Even if they don't have anything for you they'll be able to recommend people who can help I'm sure.

Welcome to Bristol. Hope you and your daughter will be very happy here.

maisymiddleton Thu 04-Oct-12 23:05:49

Hi everyone, I have just moved to Bristol after spending many years abroad and my 11 yr daughter has just started at Cotham School. I've been house hunting for about a month and still haven't found anywhere: initially it was the tide of students, but now I'm encountering an incredibly high number of landlords who don't want children sad I've been looking around the Cotham, Redland, Clifton as close to the school as possible. I would prefer to rent privately but haven't found much on Gumtree. Can anyone recommend any good agents or any tips on househunting? I wonder if they are unwilling to take me on as a single mother? It's starting to get me down because I really want to feel settled and start to enjoy Bristol!

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