Can anyone recommend a babysitter/sitting agency?

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MeerkatMerkin Thu 20-Sep-12 23:42:13

Thanks, I have a sitter from arranged now as I saw them recommended on another thread. smile

Schlock Thu 20-Sep-12 15:45:32

My daughter's boyfriend might be free, would you like me to ask him? He's a sensible 17yr old who looks after his neighbours children (sometimes overnight) regularly. We're just up the hill from you.

JadedJan Thu 20-Sep-12 15:38:03 - this agency is really good!

MeerkatMerkin Wed 19-Sep-12 19:59:46

I am based in St Werburghs and we'd really like to go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary at the weekend but have no family/willing friends locally!

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