Pediatric ENT experience?

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UnbearableRuth Fri 17-Aug-12 22:48:15

We have been referred by our GP to have an ENT specialist look at DS's sinuses and adenoids. We have been given a choice between the pediatric ENT depts at Frenchay, Southmead, the Bristol Royal Hosp for Children and St Michaels - does anyone have any experience of pediatric ENT specifically at any of these hospitals? Any recommendations or other sources of info? It seems silly to be given a choice without having any info about the choices, might as well throw a dice!

Runoutofideas Sun 19-Aug-12 17:23:29

My dd had grommets fitted and adenoids out at the Spire under our health insurance. Her consultant was Mr Robinson, who was excellent. I think he does NHS work too, so may be worth seeing if he is linked to any of your options..... Sorry can't help more than that.

blueglue Sun 19-Aug-12 17:29:14

Mr Saunders at Bristol children's hosp/st michaels is great. You tend to be in the waiting room for an hour each time though, but sometimes they run roughly on time!

IslaMann Sun 19-Aug-12 17:36:44

The appt will be just for the outpatients, the surgery will be carried out at the kids hospital. So Id advise to have the initial appt at whichever hospital is closest to you tho parking easier at S'mead. I agree that Mr Robinson is excellent, as is Mr Broomfield. Mr Saunders also has an excellent reputation. (I work in adult ENT in S'mead)

IslaMann Sun 19-Aug-12 17:37:17

Mr Robinson is based at S'mead btw

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