Glenfrome Primary - any parents out there?

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dizilizi Thu 02-Aug-12 02:07:08

Hi - I'm new to Bristol and a late applicant for a reception place for my son. He has been given a place at Glenfrome Primary, and I'd really like to get in touch with parents who have children there. I visited the school before I applied and thought it was pretty decent, but I don't know anyone there, and I'm desperate to know more about it.
My son is also first on the waiting list for Ashley Down Primary, which is nearer to where we live. If he gets a place there, I'm going to have to decide between the two - a really hard thing to do without insider information!!
Do get in touch!

RummidgeGeneral Mon 20-Aug-12 09:39:35

The traffic going out to Glenfrome can be pretty slow in the morning in school term time. If Ashley Down is nearer your home I'd go for it if you get the chance.

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