Builder recommendation?

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whimsicalname Mon 06-Aug-12 13:32:57

Great! I'm Kate from Albany Rd if you want to tell them how you heard of them.

LittleMilla Mon 06-Aug-12 11:40:01

Thanks for that Whimsicle, I will give them a bell later to see if they can come over.

If elephants - where are you? PM me and we can indeed! I've got first builder coming over later this afternoon, very exciting!


whimsicalname Sat 04-Aug-12 17:48:05

We had our loft converted last year, and used a guy called Dave Trought. He works with his son and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. They were a real pleasure to have around and did a great job for a reasonable price. They were polite and conscientious and tidied up at the end of the day. As we didn't move out of the house, it was important that they were easy to get on with, and they absolutely were! I've seen other work they've done too, and they don't just do lofts, but have done extensions and kitchens etc.

We've also had them back to do work subsequently. I would say either of you could come round and look at the work, but we've just moved out of the house as we're moving to the states for 3 years next week. It's a real shame because the house is looking great!

I think they go by the name DMT Carpentry, which comes up if you google. Or pm me for a phone number.

IfElephantsWoreTrousers Fri 03-Aug-12 17:47:17

Do you know, this is almost the exact post I've been meaning to write for months - so I'd like recommendations too and littlemilla perhaps we could compare notes when we've got quotes?

LittleMilla Wed 01-Aug-12 20:44:45

We're looking to do a reasonable amount of work on our house - knock through kitchen/diner and put an extension on.

Speaking to as many people as possible for builder recommendations. I have one but would like a couple more if possible.

Can anyone recommend a good quality, reliable and fair priced builder?


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