Cleeve House School?

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flute123 Sun 08-Jul-12 11:12:28

Hi..just wondered if anyone had any experience they could share with this school?

Rudi44 Thu 02-Nov-17 22:28:05

There is no way on earth it takes 15 minutes to walk from there to the pool, I live in one of the roads behind the school and have frequently made the gruelling 5 minute walk myself. It's good for kids to walk now and then and better for the environment. Fine if you have an issue with the school but the non use of the school mini bus for local trips on a slightly cool crisp October day is a non issue

1jadan123 Thu 02-Nov-17 10:05:54

It was 4 degrees this morning, and BBC weather website is showing that its now 6 degrees now. Looks like Knowle is colder than Chew Valley.

2014newme Thu 02-Nov-17 09:26:00

4 degrees? I'm in chew valley it's 10 here!

1jadan123 Thu 02-Nov-17 09:24:00


Well its 4 degrees today and it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the pool. Ask yourself this, would you like to walk for 15 minutes in 4 degree temperature with wet hair after swimming? or would you like to use a minibus?

Rudi44 Thu 02-Nov-17 07:00:24

Absolutely a cause for concern, massively, and personally I wouldn't dream of sending my child there but I thought the comment about the mini bus odd given that it would take longer for the van to pull out onto the Wells Rd than it would take for the kids to walk the 5 minutes to the pool.

2014newme Thu 02-Nov-17 06:41:56

Them failing their inspection is cause for concern though and failing to meet basic safeguarding requirements. Don't know how they keep going they've very few pupils.

Rudi44 Wed 01-Nov-17 22:45:26

Personally as a parent I would be more concerned if they did use a mini bus for the five minute walk to the swimming pool. It was a bright sunny day and around 12 degrees, the children are hardly going to freeze. I have no knowledge of this school beyond living close by to it so I won't pass comment on the teaching but I really don't think it should be of concern to any perspective parent that they choose to walk to activities close by.

1jadan123 Wed 01-Nov-17 09:20:42

Wasn’t it cold yesterday, as I looked out of my window I saw the Cleve House children, walking towards Jubilee swimming pool. Whilst outside the school stood a very underused brightly shining school minibus. Then a while later I saw the children returning back down the Wells road, with red noses and very wet hair. Whilst outside the school stood a very underused brightly shining school minibus. When is this going to be used, its getting colder day by day. This school is going down hill fast. I met with a parent who recently has removed all his children from this school. He told me that “When you leave and go else where, you realise what this school is not doing for our children” A number of parents are unhappy and speak of the glory days when the Lawsons ran the school. They knew how to prepare children for their entrance exams. I was speaking with parents whose children left in 2016 & 2017 who can confirm that Mr Wardle didn’t spend any time with the children preparing them for the entrance exams.

2014newme Fri 29-Sep-17 16:46:39

You'd think he'd be able to meet the mini requirements at his school then

1jadan123 Fri 29-Sep-17 16:20:51


A parent just told me that Mr Wardle used to be an ISI school inspector, they found out from the previous HT.

2014newme Thu 28-Sep-17 19:52:35

Yes and the HT owns the school. Strange set up. Only had 4 finish year 6 last year it seems, very few pupils.

PissedOffNeighbour Thu 28-Sep-17 19:46:43

They don't meet basic safe-guarding requirements shock

2014newme Thu 28-Sep-17 09:33:43

Just read it. I see what you mean! Wonder why people pay for their kids to go there?

catslife Thu 28-Sep-17 08:58:11

They have had an ISI compliance inspection in 2017 rather than a full inspection. It says that there were 82 children on roll in June 2017.
There are a few areas of concern in this report, so this may have affected numbers.
A state school with similar findings would be put in Special Measures!

2014newme Wed 27-Sep-17 18:11:53

Do you mean cleve house? They haven't had an isi inspection it says on the isi website.
2017 secondary destinations aren't great I wonder how many pupils they actually have now?

1jadan123 Wed 27-Sep-17 16:10:02


Has anyone seen a copy of the ISI inspection report for this school.

NannieJ Sat 19-Nov-16 18:43:43

As a family we have been involved with Cleve House School for more than 25 years, first as parents of pupils and now as grandparents.

I was disappointed to be shown the very out of date, negative comments written on this thread. It is so easy to be vindictive when you can hide behind a assumed name.

We personally have seen so many positive changes in the last 12 months and whilst I wouldn't normally voice my opinion on a forum, I think it's time I do so.

I don't believe the person who has started this dreadful detrimental chat is a current parent of a child attending Cleve House under the new headmaster, Mr Wardle, as they would be aware of the changes their child is enjoying. From the lovely events organised by the newly formed PTA to the laptops purchased. The trips and the new mini bus.

The negative comments are their opinion and definitely not using current facts of the school as it is under Mr Wardle.

There is now an open door policy at the school, why don't you drop your assumed name and approach the school and introduce yourself, you can then have a look around, speak to the staff, children and the headmaster. You will be made welcome and your opinions can be replaced by facts.

This is a happy school, the ethos is truly one to be proud of.

Moonshine100 Wed 16-Nov-16 16:01:12

I completely agree with user1479228519 in regards to comments of Cleve House school. If your child attends this fantastic school then the improvements and academic education is obvious in the well mannered intelligent children that attend.

Not only is the lower end of the school at its highest levels for quite some years, the higher forms have also seen an increase in the number of heads. And in regards to the comment about the children not having homework every night, maybe someone should talk to me daughter, as she would no doubt raise an eyebrow and pointedly advise you that she most definitely has homework every night, plus her reading, plus her music practise.

I could go on and on but the important thing here is that this school is well managed with a high standard of education, which sees the students move on to secondary school with confidence and a great education.

If anyone believes this school in on its knees then I employ you to take a closer look and see the magic that is within Cleve House School. When I drop my daughter at this school everyday I see a happy, lively school with a bright bright future.

Tritraining123 Tue 15-Nov-16 19:01:54

Hmm strange as my daughter attends this school has homework every night, is in a class of 9 and all clssses below I believe have 12+ in their classes, pretty standard for the private sector. The old heads did let the school go hence the low numbers in the upper classes but since the new heads arrival numbers have only gone 1 way!
The school has introduced real life activities, ones that prepare them for the real world!
Really not nice or helpful to add false information to threads when it's about our children's education.

user1479228519 Tue 15-Nov-16 17:28:29

My 2 sons attend Cleve House school & I couldn't be happier! The school is thriving under the leadership of the new headmaster & far from 'on its knees ' I don't understand how someone could comment about their child's school in such a detrimental manner.
The school has had its biggest intake in reception for years! Surely making comments like this will steer people away making the situation you claim the achy to be in worse?

The teachers are amazing & so dedicated to all of the children. The classes are small but isn't that what you would expect in an independent school? For me that was a major selling point!

Yes the school doesn't have ALL of facilities that the likes of BGS / QEH / Clifton College has but then the fees reflect this! However the school is always making investments. Notably a brand new mini bus delivered this week. The school has also make improvements in library/ IT and sports facilities. Not to mention a lovely kind & family like environment that can't be quantified.

We have a vibrant PTA who organises many lovely events that the pupils benefit from, discos, party's, quiz nights, fetes to name a few.

The school regularly organises varied and interesting trips as well as a residential trip for the junior school which was a great hit this summer. Clubs are varied & include cookery, choir and journalism.

My sons benefit from varied music & drama lessons as well as FREE weekly swimming lessons!

I rarely post on these forums as I believe they can have a negative impact on small businesses & are more often than not based on opinion & not fact. If you are considering sending your child to Cleve House I would strongly suggest that you come in & meet the new headmaster, look around the school & see if it would be the best school for your child. It's far from 'on its knees' and I feel passionately that this is a great school. My sons are so happy as are the majority of the parents that send their children here.

gloucesterroadgirl Sun 30-Oct-16 10:53:06

I looked round it a couple of years ago for my two and they offered two for the price of one. Smacked a bit of desperation to me.

givemeaclue Tue 11-Oct-16 19:27:53

Gosh I am surprised it is still going! To be honest it's never nbeen premier league, first division or even second division as a school choice. I wonder why people still send their children there, perhaps children who need an extremely small class. Where do they go to school for secondary?

jadan123 Tue 11-Oct-16 09:17:22

Hello. Just as an update, the exodus of children has not ended. The current year 5 + 6 merged class has only one child from year 5. Clearly there is no investment in staff or training. The school is still on its knees. The new head of the school has not made the impact we all hoped for. Last July at least 3 children left the junior section prior to year 6 and now I believe there are less than 20 children from years 3-6.

jadan123 Fri 06-Nov-15 16:19:04

Hello. A number of things have changed at this school, notably a change of head master. The previous heads had many short comings, however one thing they really did well was to push all the children academically.

The new head is advertising the school well and clearly is trying to make a success of the school, he has introduced areas where children can take responsibility in the school and has held a number of social events for the children plus we have seen an increase in the number of school trips. In this half term they have had more trips than they had in all of last year.

These changes have come a cost though, gone are the days when children would get homework daily.

Academia seems to be put on the back burner now. There are a number of brilliant private schools in Bristol, QEH & Bristol Grammer School, aka the Premiership, plus Division 1 schools which are less academic. Academically Cleve House may be about to become a Division 1 primary school.

The mass exodus of children has not yet ended current parents are still considering their options.

Loppo Tue 08-Sep-15 20:28:58

Hi everyone, I would just like to add my own experience to this thread. Cleve House School, well what can I say, my DD joyfully skips into the school gates every morning and joins her jointly happy class mates. I stand and watch them as they all converse and play happily, waiting for the bell to ring. Once the bell has chimed they line up,eager to see their teacher and head master to start the day. Sounds to good to be true, well it isn't! My DD has had the same feeling about this school since she joined the kindergarten, five years ago. As a working Mum, I am happy as I walk away knowing my DD is well cared for and very well educated each day. Yes the school has reduced in numbers over the years but so has our economy, but thankfully this is back on the up and so are the numbers at Cleve house school. Prep and Year 1 in particular, now have a higher number of children than in previous years. The school is unique and now boast a new Head Master, who has already given the children and parents a unique insight for the positive and fruitful future of Cleve house School. I only have to look at my own DD to know that I would recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about moving their child to a school which provides a nurturing, safe and positive environment for children to develop.

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