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peterpiperpickedapeck Thu 05-Apr-12 15:29:15

Sawadee ca.
I am looking for other Thai speakers in the Bristol area to help my son [and myself] to keep up our Thai.He speaks some and understands most but would ideally like to find other kids in the area that speak Thai that will help encourage him to keep it going. I know its a random request but if anyone knows of other Thai speakers/ groups/Thai lessons in Bristol then please let me know!
Thanks ;]

whimsicalname Wed 11-Apr-12 20:31:13

Have you tried the university / UWE? There's likely to be lots of international students, some of whom are likely to be doing MAs rather than undergrad so a bit more grown up.

Littlemissnok Sun 06-May-12 18:23:59

Sawadee ja

My name is Nok, live in Stockwood Bristol. My son is 6 years old. Where do you live? Email me your number na so we can meet & talk Thai

MissM31 Sun 22-Jul-12 08:57:01

We have just moved back from Thailand and my 3 year old daughter will now not speak thai! It is really worrying me. How old is your son? Im also looking for a thai class for toddlers but there doesnt seem to be one.

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