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Lunasmum Sun 09-Oct-11 20:35:19

hello all! I'm a local mum of 4 children, ages ranging from toddler to teenager and have recently fulfilled a lifetime ambition of opening a second hand childrens shop in Redland. Basically I sell your quality toys, clothes & equipment aimed at the 0 to 9 age range on a commission basis, it's going so well Ive launched a website & shortly will be running an online shop. So if you would like to sell your quality kids stuff the really easy way or are looking for quality goods at a fraction of the high street price (not to mention all the positive aspects of recycling) please consider me and check out my shop 'Replay' on chandos road or look Many thanks in advance & to all my current clients, I appreciate all your support you have given me this last 6 months! Kate

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