Moving to Bristol advice on areas, childminders or nurseries and primary school

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EvaLongoria Mon 29-Aug-11 16:33:22


I have recently separated from my husband and a friend has suggested I move closer to her as I dont have any family here, and no friends or people who can help with babysitting, etc. His family arent interested at all. My DD1 is 3 and will start school Sept 2012. Her current nursery is great and I was hoping to put her in the local Catholic school, next to her nursery (She is not catholic, her dad is and I am Muslim). I attemd college and will need a nursery and childminder or to look after the kids on the day that I am at college. I currently live in Oxfordshire in a lovely safe area with a choice of 6 good schools.

My friend lives in Southville (I dont drive) can you please recommend good areas where I can live as a single mum in a safe area and hopefully sending them both to local schools. I have no problem using public transport so good bus or train links. DD2 is 5 months old I am therefore looking for lovely toddler groups, children centres or just friendly mums around there.


crazymum53 Mon 29-Aug-11 19:38:21

There is a Catholic primary school in Southville called Holy cross. Has your daughter been baptised as is may help her to qualify? Otherwise
schools in Southville have become more oversubscribed over the past few years and you would need to check carefully how close you have to live to qualify. Southville primary had a catchment area of less than 200m for Sept 2011! Other schools such as Ashton Gate have a good reputation too.
Would recommend Totterdown close to the mosque or Windmill Hill as alternatives to Southville. There is a Children's Centre with nursery and toddler groups at windmill Hill city farm. You are also very close to the city centre and train station.

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