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MaryMaclo Tue 10-May-11 14:34:54

Hi, I am hoping to enrol my 18mth lad in to a local nursery in August and wondered if anyone could make any recommendations for the Clifton area please?

I have visits booked in at Mama Bears, Clifton Tots and Daisy Chain.. any feedback re any of these or any others nearby would be great... it's always helpful to hear other mums stories/experiences before making a decision..


Humphreythehamster Wed 01-Jun-11 23:34:13

Mornington House is fantastic, quite small but very low turnover of staff. I looked around there and was very happy with DS going there. My plans have changed now so we wont be sending DS to nursery for now but I know that a lot of the teachers at the school next door send their DC there which I think is a pretty good recommendation.

MrsWembley Sun 24-Jul-11 09:34:22

My DD is at Clifton Tots and it's fab!

OliversMumBristol Thu 11-Aug-11 19:39:27

my son used to go to Woodland House Nursery on Woodland Rd, close to the BBC and University.
He was very very happy there, facilities are excellent and the quality of staff is outstanding.
They are wonderful in terms of teaching the children and giving the children a sense of achievement. The annual summer show and nativity are wonderful.
I would highly reccomend a visit.

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