moving to worthimg :(

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diz18 Fri 04-Jun-10 10:20:40

hello, i have a 5 week old baby and will be moving to worthing from brighton in the next month or so. I am not particularly looking forward to living in worthing as brighton has soooo much to offer and I dont know much about worthing at all.
Question is: Are there any nice baby groups in worthing at all? I only know one family in worthimg and I want to try to make new friends there.
Thanks very much for any replies!
Sarah x

rachelstephens Fri 04-Jun-10 11:06:18

hi sarah

can't help with groups in worthing but i work in worthing and there are loads of mums around and about, i am sure you will meet people. we have moved lots of times and have learnt that you just have to be really proactive and make a big effort to say hello and talk to people. if it is that awful it isn't too far to get back into brighton on the train or by car. and i bet you have got a great place to live that all your friends will be jealous of;)

good luck, rachel

alanyoung1000 Sat 05-Jun-10 19:36:58

I live in Worthing and it is a great place as there are the beach and the downs, of course. It's not as active as Brighton, perhaps, but the only age group that is not really catered for is the teenage group and early twenties. I have brought my children up here without any bother and they have done really well.

Good luck

triptrap22 Mon 07-Jun-10 07:22:33

Hello, I would love advice/opinions on moving my 9 yr old son out of Brighton to Hassocks/Hurstpierpoint area. at the moment, we're all (myself, my son, partner, his 2 kids (5yr and 7 yr) living in 2 bedroom flat but my son loves it and is very happy here!

Moving because we can't afford 3-4 bed property in Brighton that is in a catchment for good secondary schools, and also think kids will benfit from a garden, open space etc. But really worried that there'll be no friends for my son in the coutry-side and moving away from city-life will be detrimental for him (the little ones should be fine and will adapt easier. Opinions? advice? confused

megonthemoon Mon 07-Jun-10 08:53:27

I think Hassocks is brilliant for children. I moved here at Christmas with 2yo, and have just discovered that not only are there all sorts of toddler groups, but there are various clubs and sports for older children and then a youth club (called Beacon Centre) which is specifically for young teenagers. So it actually seems that there is loads for children right through the age groups. And if something isn't available in Hassocks, it is usually available in Burgess Hill.

Downlands School has an Ofsted Good rating I believe. The kids there seem so polite and well-behaved - really noticed that moving from London! School seems to have great sports facilities which are also open to the public at weekends.

And when your DCs are older, Hassocks is only 15 mins to Brighton on the train so super easy for them to get in and enjoy the city for themselves.

Definitely worth a look round I'd say.

diz18 Wed 09-Jun-10 23:05:49

Thank you for the first two replies - much appreciated I asked my health visitor and she suggested when I move asking my new health visitor for groups - so I think I will try that.
If anyone else knows of any nice groups in the meantime any response would be gladly received
Sarah x

BlueNoseBear Thu 01-Jul-10 10:23:14

I'm in Lancing, not far from Brooklands am up for a coffee there!

mummywaddle2011 Wed 26-Sep-12 21:59:08

hey i have a almost 18 month girl is there any good toddler groups in worthing area?

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