Girls football in Brighton

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Fernie2 Mon 10-May-10 22:25:21

Moving to Brighton this summer. Looking for girls football teams for 12 year old and 16 year old- both have been playing in Norway for 3 years, and youngest is very keen. Is there a girls league in the area? How popular is girls football? Thanks for help

kif Wed 19-May-10 05:56:57

I used to train with a team in Peacehaven. Presumably there'd be a team attached to the Albion (new stadium currently being built). I recall there was also a team in Horsham? Or somewhere just off the M23. Also, most schools'd have a team.

essexwoman Sun 25-Jul-10 09:14:12

Hi Fernie Having looking at posts looks like you are in a similar position to me we are moving to Brighton from Germany.3 chn. 12, 14 and 8 the oldest two girls.I emailed school of excellence at Brighton and Albion football club they haven't got back to me yet but will let you know if they do....also been having school issues now have places at Dorothy Stringer but am nervous about the whole coming to UK thing after so many years away maybe lets stay in contact to share experiences etc?!

SaintJoan Thu 05-Aug-10 18:17:36

Message withdrawn

fernie2 Tue 10-Aug-10 14:03:04

Hello Essexwoman, would be good to stay in touch. Will arrive in Brighton in a couple of weeks time - you there yet?

Know exactly how you feel about being nervous coming back to uk (confused). Not sure I feel nervous so much as scared bloody stiff!! Been away 14 years, how long have you been away?

well done on getting places in Dorothy Stringer, as we don't have a house I didn't even try. DD1 will start at Varndean College and DD2 at the girls school. Happy with that decision anyway, both seem to be good schools.

I had positive reply from school of excellence recently and they said to get in contact once we arrive to arrange a trial. Just have no idea what the standard is so might be way off the mark. are both your DDs interested or just one?

Where in Germany were you? my sister lives near Koln, has been there 30 years now but still holds on to British passport.

How do the kids feel about the move? Is it coming home for you (by your nickname I assume not). We're from north originally so Brighton is new destination for us, no family in area, though do have a couple of friends I met during expat days who have moved to West Sussex.

Anyway must get back to packing boxes TTFN

fernie2 Tue 10-Aug-10 14:07:25

MMm, haven't got the hang of the smileys on MN yet. "(confused)" in my last post should have been hmm. Sorry, bit green really.

essexwoman Mon 06-Sep-10 21:40:40

sorry first chance to read this and shame I didn't read it before but would love to get in touch with you but I cannot do it through mumsnet because of your privacy settings pleae let me know how we can perhaps message each other

perkscfc Mon 13-Dec-10 21:24:33

Hi, I am a coach at an all girls football club based on the outskirts of Brighton. If you daughters have not yet found themselves a club & are still interested in playing football I'm more than happy to send you the details of our club Dynamo Girls FC

impossible Wed 26-Oct-11 14:14:03

Hi essexwoman / fernie2 - we may be moving to Brighton from London next summer with dd 12 and ds 10. Our hesitation is that we are worried about the impact of this on the kids - particularly on our dd as 13 seems a difficult age to move. She is currently very happy at a good local secondary school (year 8). We hope to move to the Preston Park area if we can afford to. I know it is early days but are your kids settling? Any thoughts welcome

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