Anyone fancy a Brighton meet this weekend (if the weather's nice)

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CameraLady Wed 24-Mar-10 22:40:05

i'm pretty new to MN and am curious to see who you all are. A whole new world of other folks with babies, most of my Brighton friends don't have any you see.
Beer or hot beverages i don't mind. Park bench/pub garden/cafe not bothered as long as i can bring me baby.

2shoes Wed 24-Mar-10 22:48:41

there is a meet up in brighton on Saturday
thread here
there will be at least one other baby there,.

lowrib Tue 06-Apr-10 23:00:04

Hiya CameraLady smile
I'm new to Brighton (but not MN. Watch out! It's addictive! grin)

I'm moving to Hove in a few weeks time. I went to the last Brighton meet-up recently- I'd never met any of them before - and I had a really nice afternoon, you should definitely go next time if you can.

Although sometimes people bring their babies, I get the impression the meet-ups are mostly baby free I think. I've got an idea bubbling about trying to arrange a more baby-friendly meet-up when I get there in a few weeks time. I reckon maybe a bit of beach near a baby-friendly bar in case of rain? Or something.

What do you think?

Hiya 2shoes grin [waves]

Zoidberg Wed 07-Apr-10 20:28:26

Hi, I'd be up for a with-baby meet up too, I'm in Hove, whereabouts will you be lowrib? We're in Poets Corner.

I went to the meet-up before the most recent one, was good to meet people but I'm on and off mnet these days so hard to keep up.

lowrib Thu 08-Apr-10 00:14:46

Hi Zoidberg, the more the merrier! I'm going to be near Hove station.

Brilliant, that's a few of us at least! I'm going to start a thread on it, watch this space ...

lowrib Thu 08-Apr-10 00:32:56

OK, new thread here

I started a new thread because - well this weekend is too soon for me! I hope that makes sense.

mummywaddle2011 Wed 26-Sep-12 22:33:44

is there any new meetup on?

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