Due to give birth any day now and looking to meet up with any expectant Mums to be in the area

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Clareleighclark Tue 27-Oct-09 10:42:44

Are there any expectant Mums out there in the same position as me?

My Baby was due 26th Oct 09, of course being my first I'm not expecting my little one to arrive any second now. I've lived in Hove for 3 years and have always commuted to London for work so I've never had a chance to make friends locally. I would love to meet up with other Mums for a coffee & a chat, please save me from Churchill Square Shopping Centre which is my only friend right now !!

ErikaMaye Thu 29-Oct-09 17:51:17

* waves * My first is due in two and a half weeks, let us not talk of going overdue grin I'd be delighted to meet up for coffee in either Brighton or Hove. Hope your LO has made an appearence by now!!

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