any other mums with babies with additional/special needs?

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lauramoore1976 Thu 22-Oct-09 16:05:46

I am a mum to an 8 month old son who has a motor disorder and visual impairment. I am trying to get together with some other mums of similar aged children who are in a similar position. Thought it might be easier to go through all this with some new friends in the same boat. The mother and baby groups are really hard coz no one understands what its like and their babies are all doing things that mine cant do!
Am based in worthing so let me know if you fancy a catch up!

donkeyderby Sat 24-Oct-09 09:11:41

Hi, not mum to a baby, but have an older child with severe disabilities including visual impairment. In Brighton, we have Amaze which advises parents and has some info about different groups. Google them because they may have info on Worthing - they have an advice line. Sweetpeas in Brighton is a SN baby/toddler group if you can't find anything nearer. Good luck!

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