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Mammina Tue 23-Jun-09 15:06:10

just about to have second baby & am looking into double buggies. my brother has an out n about double nipper I could borrow and I'd rather do that than fork out for a phil & teds - does anyone know whether the nipper would be ok on brighton buses (e.g. if I got on the back of the bus?) - not moved down to brighton yet so not familiar with the buses. thanks

taczilla Tue 23-Jun-09 23:17:13

migola you can only get on at the front and i have only ever seen phil and teds on the buses here maybe because it is a nightmare. i had a sling and a scooter and a maclaren for my two. There is lots of room on the buses for buggies most allow 3 so maybe it is just boarding that is difficult. However the Nipper loads cumbersome and may be tricky.

furrycat Wed 24-Jun-09 09:37:29

Boarding is pretty easy as nearly all the buses lower the front step so you can get on. I had a P&T and the slight problem is the length as it makes it tricky for other people to get by (and a nightmare for other buggies). It's doable though, and I used the buses quite a lot with it. It's only really a problem if the bus is jam-packed

Mammina Wed 24-Jun-09 10:02:48

furrycat are you saying boarding with a double nipper (i.e. side by side) would be ok too?

if not, i've seen an E3 on ebay for about £100, are they ok?

furrycat Wed 24-Jun-09 15:08:55

Boarding the bus itself would be fine but the aisles are fairly narrow so it might be a bit of a wriggle getting off. Bus drivers in Brighton are pretty nice though so will usually wait patiently . Phil and teds are brilliant, would highly recommend.

Mammina Wed 24-Jun-09 15:29:46

thanks fc. am just browsing ebay at the moment - think i'll get a p&ts as I do tend to use buses a lot, and I don't fancy walking all the way back from town uphill!

furrycat Wed 24-Jun-09 19:24:52

There's a lot of hills in Brighton! What area are you moving to?

Mammina Wed 24-Jun-09 22:15:48

preston park/fiveways - can't wait! fingers crossed we should be down in september

furrycat Thu 25-Jun-09 22:13:54

That's where I live - it's great here. Really friendly and civilised!

Very sensible not to push your buggy uphill. There's a £1 "short hop" fare so you can walk most of the way home from town then nip on a bus for the last uphill bit.

Pollyanna Thu 25-Jun-09 22:22:35

everyone has phil and teds on the buses, or the maclaren type doubles. i think a nipper would be ok, and I prefer that to the phil and teds as a pushchair. The alternative is to use a sling and a single pushchair.

Generally I have found it much more pushchair friendly on the buses here than I did when i lived in London - eg the drivers make people move off the seats where the pushchairs go so you can get on the bus. I have hardly ever not been allowed on a bus, and then only because there are loads of other pushchairs on.

rachelstephens Fri 26-Jun-09 09:57:00

hi, i wouldn't use a nipper on the buses - the buses are buggy friendly but only to a point, especially if you are travelling at busy times. sometimes there is only just enough room for me and my p & t. i got a fantastic p & t off mumsnet for £200 - it is in fantastic condition. but then i got ripped off for a spare one i was going to leave at my mum and dad's which i got off ebay, so be careful and if you can check before you buy. there are various scammers pretending to sell them on gumtree, you send your money and never get the buggy, so again don't buy off gumtree until you can see the buggy. good luck with the new baby and the move! we moved down to fiveways from the midlands last year and are loving it, although we are now trying to work out where to buy a place as the downside with fiveways is that the gardens are small. things are never simple!

Mammina Fri 26-Jun-09 11:32:40

thanks for the tips everyone
rachel I'll steer clear of gumtree then, and the local ones for sale on ebay have an option of paying cash on collection which I guess is good.
true about the small gardens but I really like the area and we're moving from a flat with no garden so anything is going to be a bonus, plus there are lots of parks very close by

ErikaMaye Wed 15-Jul-09 16:28:24

Heya - theres a charity shop on Longridge Avenue, Saltdean, which has a very nice (virtually new, by the looks of things) double buggy for £35.

The buses are a nightmare in general. I use a wheelchair half the time, and the drivers and other passengers are so damn rude about having to move out of your way / wait for you. Gah! NOT looking forward to taking a buggy on and off, and then asking for a seat because I'm disabled.

Mammina Wed 15-Jul-09 17:25:00

Hi Erika, damn I just bought one off a mumsnetter last week - saved quite a bit of money but wasn't as cheap as £35! Thanks for the tip anyway.

Hmm there was me thinking that Brighton would be a lot friendlier than London. Maybe the rude people on the buses are ex-Londoners! grin

ErikaMaye Wed 15-Jul-09 17:35:17

Haha I think thats quite possible - some woman today actually said to me, "And just HOW are you going to cope with a baby seeing as you can't walk without aid?" Just... Oh my GOD - So rude!!!

People are odd... hmm

Mammina Wed 15-Jul-09 19:01:58

oh my god that is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

ErikaMaye Wed 15-Jul-09 19:44:44

Don't you just LOVE being a human being? rolls eyes

Generally, however, Brighton IS very friendly. Just so happens that most of the arses get on buses grin When are you moving down?

Pollyanna Fri 17-Jul-09 06:27:10

maybe it depends on the route. I travel on teh 7 alot between b&H and other buses in that diection bt and it is really good - i never have any problems with a pushchair (and a double when I hsd one)

furrycat Fri 17-Jul-09 09:32:14

On the whole I find Brighton buses really friendly (the exception being when I was 9 months pregnant and the only person to offer me a seat was a 95 year old lady - I declined btw!)

So much better than London buses - I once asked a driver there if he was going to xx place - and he said "get out and look at the front of the bus". Charming!

ErikaMaye Fri 17-Jul-09 11:05:43

I think you could quite well be right, Pollyanna... Must admit I've never had much problem on the 7. Or the 1/A or 49/A either... Maybe Hove is just that bit more civilised!!

Furrycat - I once had to get a 90 year old woman to move because I was in my wheelchair and she was in the allocated space blush I felt terrible.

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