8 nappies & 5 wraps from east sussex county council for £30!

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Porkie1973 Thu 15-Jan-09 14:16:27

Ladies, thought I would share as I've only found this info out recently. East Sussex county council are offering 8 nappies and 5 wraps for £30, or are offering to loan a complete kit of cloth nappies for £40.

There's more info here:


If you're in the Brighton area, the scheme isn't quite as generous but you can still have 3 motherease nappies and a wrap for a tenner - roughly £35 quids worth.

HTH someone.

If anyone comes under West Sussex Council, you can claim for 2 free nappy packs. Info here If you don't get round to using them they ask for you to send them back, but else there are all yours.

oneopinionatedmother Mon 29-Jun-09 16:19:36

the westsussex nappy packs are brilliant - about £60 of gear. definitely recommend you bother to fill out the forms if you use reusables!

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