Bit of a shameless plug - free pre-school activity session - read on [wink]

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tattyb Fri 13-Jun-08 11:52:26

I am running some free sessions in next couple of weeks for Tatty Bumpkin yoga inspired childrens classes (approx 2yrs - 7yrs)
The sessions are at:-
Cornerstone Community Centre in Hove 18th and 25th July
Cheeky Monkeys in Saltdean 7th July
Little Dippers in town 15th July
Please do contact me if you want to come along - it's free! []

nellieloula Sat 14-Jun-08 09:19:56

Hi, I'm intersted in the Hove one. Do you KNow what time it is? And is it ok to bring non crawling siblings?? I'll pass this onto my mum friends - do you need names before hand?? thanks!

yoga2shape Fri 16-Sep-11 21:39:22

Hello - I am running yoga classes for Children at The Anahata Health Clinic in Kemptown (Fridays 4-4.40pm) and The Holistic Health Clinic in Preston Circus (Tuesdays 4-4.40pm) for four to seven year

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