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abrilbarc Wed 14-Sep-16 09:59:37

My DS currently in y6, he has recently being diagnosed with dyslexia and in the processed of being assessed for an EHCP.
I am looking for a good secondary school for y7. I think Longhill has a special unit for Dyslexic children, which would be ideal, but not sure as school's Ofsted report pointed school needs improvements. Is there any good/bad feedback, please?
Also, looking a schools with good SEN, specially Stringer, Varndean and Patchan. Has anyone has had or heard good/bad experiences?
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

lucjam2105 Fri 07-Oct-16 14:50:45

Have you thought about Kings? I went for a look round there this morning and am v impressed. They have a fulltime non teaching SENCO which is pretty impressive for a school of 400 pupils. It seemed so caring. We are pretty much guaranteed a place at Newman (sibling link) but I'm seriously thinking about Kings for my son who has ADHD.

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