Worthing and surrounds (schools info desperately needed please)

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LooWaterSunset Mon 18-Jul-16 15:18:48

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could offer some insight into Worthing schools.

We're thinking about moving there to be closer to family and I've been "stalking" the schools for some time. We need to make the move soon as DS is starting school in 2017.

However I'm totally confused now that the area has changed from the 3 tier system to the 2 tier system. I've previously been looking at league tables, subscription popularity and ofsted to get an idea about different ones. But all these factors have been totally transformed by the change and it hurts my brain to process it all.

Please, can anyone tell me about their experiences with schools in Worthing? Or maybe Goring, Ferring, Lancing

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