State primary with strong SEN in Preston Park or Hove area

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Minkymoves Mon 23-May-16 03:09:03

We are planning to move with 3 kids to the Preston Park/Hove area. It is a daunting move as we are currently living in the U.S and it's pretty hard researching from afar. Our middle child (10) has just been diagnosed with Dyscalculia, poor working memory and slow processing speed. I would love to hear from anyone who had a child with SEN that has found their state school in those areas to be very supportive. It is so hard to gauge a school's SEN provision from their website or Ofsted report. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
We are trying to avoid going down the private school route (we can't do it for all 3 kids) but will consider doing so if we can't find supportive state provision.

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