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zorocat1926 Thu 28-Jan-16 14:05:30

Dear All

We have been offered a school place for my DD (aged10) for Sept by both Roedean and Hurst. No bursary available etc. We're struggling to decide which one to go for (DD likes both though preference for Roedean as she knows some girls who go there). She is mildly dyspraxic, is sporty (not an Olympian, but loves hockey, getting stuck in and trying new sports and activities), likes history, science, drama. She is hard working. She is quiet and a bit low in confidence when it comes to making friends and worries about not knowing many people at new school.

We are first time independant parents so we are finding the whole choice thing tricky.

Any thoughts?

brightonmermaid Fri 29-Jan-16 11:04:46

for what it's worth, they were my two top choices when I was living in Brighton for my dd (year 6) - but we moved away. My decision would have been Roedean as my dd has dyslexia and I'd heard that Hurst, whilst historically being very nurturing and good for a broad range of abilities, has now, due to the challenges facing independent schools, moving more towards the Brighton College mould (ie having an impressive looking SEN dept but in reality - letters at end of term telling parents with kids as young as 8 that their kids can't come back if not making high enough grades) which is really sad but worth knowing. hope this helps.

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