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sukibear123 Wed 20-Jan-16 18:42:07


Looking for some advice. I currently live in London with my partner and twins (12 months). My partner has just got a job in worthing so we are planning on a move down to the south coast. We were thinking of hove as we like it, have some family there and near the sea. We are looking for 4 bed house with garden within walking distance of the sea, walking distance to shops and cafes, a park nearby, gay friendly and obviously need to think about primary schools (not asking too much wink ) What areas of Brighton / hove would you recommend? Hove seems quite big. What areas of hove would you recommend? How hard is it to get into good state primary schools in hove? Also, what is Worthing like as a place to live with small children?

Sorry about all the questions. We are coming to have a look round in a few weeks and hoping you guys can help us narrow our search a bit.

Thanks in advance xx

Applepicker Wed 20-Jan-16 21:11:24

It depends on your budget really. Down by the sea is lovely but property can be expensive. The Wish Park area has lots going on but is in a bit of a black hole for school catchment. Poets Corner is also a lovely area, smaller terraced houses but near Portland Road and the main Hove shops. West Hove is the main school in that area, it's split across two sites. North of Old Shoreham Road you get bigger houses for a more reasonable price than the seafront but still easy distance to Hove and excellent bus links to Brighton. Hove Park is great, fantastic play park. Good schools. Check out the council website for catchments based on the last couple of years. Whole area is gay-friendly really and plenty of gay parents around. Can't comment on Worthing, we had a quick look when we moved here but decided while we may get more house for our budget, we'd be spending all our time heading in and out of Brighton.

sukibear123 Thu 21-Jan-16 09:32:34

Thanks so much. We don't know anyone with children in the area so that's all really useful x

Applepicker Thu 21-Jan-16 17:28:39

Oh and Brighton is apparently the twins capital of the UK, there are some lovely twins groups in the area (Brighton and in Worthing) and the Brighton Twins Group on Facebook is very welcoming and supportive.

sukibear123 Fri 22-Jan-16 08:15:57

That's good to know!

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