Blueberry @ Davigor or Hopscotch @ Nizells

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singa1214 Sun 02-Aug-15 21:01:40

Hi. We've recently just moved to Brighton with our two young kids (2y8mths & 14mths), and I've been looking for daycare centres. Just wondering if there's anyone who can share some of their experience/feedback on Blueberry nursery @ Davigor Road and Hopscotch @ Nizells Ave? I really like both and can't decide! Thank you.

Applepicker Tue 04-Aug-15 21:56:04

I'm not at the nizells road one, but my kids go to one of the hopscotches in the city. All of mine have loved it there, lovely staff (with v low turnover) and lots to do. Nizells was full when we applied and I preferred it to blueberry. Found blueberry a bit arrogant and it seemed to be an effort to show me round whereas manager at hopscotch was lovely and made us feel welcome

HoveMrs Thu 13-Aug-15 15:45:12

Hi Singa1214,
I have not got any experience of Hopscotch or Blueberry but can highly recommend Young Sussex Nursery on Dyke Road (by 7 dials). The manager Daniela is lovely as are all the other staff. They offer a no obligation trial session if you give her a ring. My daughter and little boy are very happy at YS :-)

BTW - is a good website for feedback as you can read parent reviews for the various nurseries in your area.

Young Sussex on Dyke Road gets excellent reviews from Brighton/Hove parents (9.9 out of 10, click on the reviews tab):

Good luck finding a nursery that is right for you :-).

berighton Fri 14-Aug-15 01:19:40

Hi Singa, I don't have any experience of those nurseries but I really recommend playcare nursery on Windlesham Road which is right near nizells avenue.

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