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Lalalax3 Thu 16-Jul-15 19:40:51

My husband and I plan to move to Brighton with out 1 yo ds just before Christmas. We will be looking to rent a property for a few years while we save for a deposit.

Has the rental market increased exponentially recently and is it likely to do so?

Are long term lets actually long term? (or is my LL likely to sell up forcing us to move every 12 mths, like in E London? ��)

We won't have a car initially and husband will need to be in London for 2 days a week, which areas should we be looking in?

Thanks in advance for sticking with this post! I'd really appreciate any advice/info you guys have.

pocketsaviour Thu 16-Jul-15 22:58:32

I wouldn't say rent has gone up exponentially, but it does rise, and no signs of stopping. It's incredibly popular with London commuters so you're always paying more than other towns along the coast.

In terms of long lets, I've been in my place 18 months. My sister has been renting here since 1995 or so and has only been forced to move once by the landlady selling up.

In terms of ease of commuting, look around the Ditchling Road area (walkable to London Rd station) or Preston Park. Or if your budget allows and your H is happy to cycle or bus it to the station, look in Kemptown or Hanover.

whipple Sun 09-Aug-15 12:47:14

You need to ask the agent about how long term the let could be. We rented at first but the lovely house we rented was actually only available while the owners made up their minds about living elsewhere and they came back after 6 months so we had to move, so another round of agents fees and upheaval etc. We found the nicest family homes round Preston Park were ususally only available short term in reality up to 1 year.

Rents in Brighton are usually high as it's commutersville and also there are 2 unis and numerous language schools, students expect to pay around £100+ a week for a room in a shared house so this keeps rents high as LL's can rent a 3 bed house to students as a 5 bed.

Nice one bed flats are around £800+ pm

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