mum and single kids for playdates

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TomTumTum Sat 30-May-15 22:56:02

Hi there
I live in woodingdean and have one boy aged 5 who needs a lot of physical activity as well as male friends to play with. I am an older mum and hoping to find other mums with kids who are looking for playdates and outings with other only-children esp at weekends and over holidays. We enjoy being outdoors but not crowds or shopping! I would love to hear from other mums who have kids that are of a similar age and interests, as I am struggling to keep my little man occupied. He is desperate to have other kids to play with at weekends as well as at school, unfortunately all his friends from school seem to have siblings and are too busy to meet up at weekends.

backhoeloader Wed 02-Dec-15 12:21:13

Hi, I know this is a very old post but are you still around?

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