BHHS, Roedean and BC

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zorocat1926 Thu 23-Apr-15 16:14:52

Dear All

We are looking to send our DD to one of the independent schools in the City and wondered if anyone had any experiences they could share about them in particular, Roedean and BHHS or BC. Our DD currently attends a state primary so we are keen that she will 'fit in'. I also wondered if anyone had experience of the entrance exams and how their DS or DDs found them?



hc1helen Thu 23-Apr-15 21:01:35

Hello, I know children who go to lancing prep school on the droveway, hove.
They love it.

Starling123 Fri 24-Apr-15 14:01:20

Roedean all the way ! Great girls, facilities and a dynamic new head.

AndWhenYouGetThere Fri 24-Apr-15 21:54:34

Roedean and BHHS have both impressed me.

Anotherhovemum Tue 28-Apr-15 09:25:47

I work at Brighton College (not as a teacher) in the Bursary and come into contact with the kids every day. They really seem to like coming to school and are a lovely bunch - always smiley and polite. I would definitely come and have a look if I were you...

sasspuss17 Thu 14-May-15 19:34:38

The entrance exam for BC is quite a bit harder than the other two, depends on how your Dd would find that. I had my first Dd go through BHHS and I think it's a dismal place, the new head hasn't improved it either. BC is fantastic, great teachers and happy, motivated kids. Can't praise it enough.

Lola22 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:44:23

My daughter went to a state primary school & is currently in yr7 at BHHS. We are delighted with the school and, more importantly, my daughter is really happy there. She has made some really lovely friends with whom she fits perfectly and has developed a great social life outside of school with many of her friends sharing the same interests. In my opinion, the head is excellent and she makes no bones about the school not being a place for parents wanting an 'ivory towers' environment. The school is not pushy nor purely focussed on the achievement of results - the support and care has been very good. My daughter is really flourishing in the school and is becoming confident, assured and developing a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend the school and have no misgivings at all. Good luck with your search!

Brightonhome Fri 14-Aug-15 21:34:13

Hi, my DD's in the last year (Y8) of Brighton College Prep School having moved to the Pre-Prep from state. There are a few state kids that come in usually at entry in Y4 (Prep entry) or occasionally in years 5 or 6 . Years 7 and 8 entry go to the lower school on Brighton College's main campus which is next door to the Prep. I have never heard of a state child not fitting in, we are all pretty normal here. yes, there are a few super-rich families, but they are in the minority and all very warm kind people anyway. Brighton College is not a snobby school in any way. It's extremely varied, tolerant and welcoming. Happy kids, great education and excellent pastoral. Looking forward to the end game; the 2015 A level results of 98.1% A*-B are simply outstanding. As for not progressing to the senior school due to bad common entrance results, well two kids sadly missed out this year out of a year group of 63ish and only one the year before that, so you're pretty much guaranteed a senior school place if your child is average.

sasspuss17 Tue 18-Aug-15 20:23:29

Couldn't agree more. BC is light years ahead of the other private schools in the county; progressive, tolerant and - above all - happy.

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