Queens Park Primary OR Carlton Hill OR St Lukes - which is best?

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ESTJG Sun 14-Dec-14 09:26:04

Help am stressed and have to get in touch with school admissions asap and having just moved to the area am not sure of these 3 would be the best?

Any recommendations welcome

Thanks x

hc1helen Thu 18-Dec-14 21:56:08

Have you checked you distance to the schools on brighton and hove school admission website?
They all have small catchment areas.
If you are able to choose from all three I would recommend queens park or st Luke's. But you must go and see them and get your own feel for the schools as they are both brilliant schools but different in their own ways.
Always put the school you want the most as your first choice but you must be realistic to whether you would get a place there.
You don't have to put the nearest school to you you just need to check the spreadsheet on school admissions to see what the further distance places gave gone out in the last five years.
Good luck.

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