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ijcollins Thu 04-Dec-14 16:08:17

Hello, we've recently moved to N Portslade by the village and did the school tours this past month, our top choice and closent option is Peter Gladwin but so oversubscribed I doubt we'll get in (despite being 5 mins walk away...). Wonder if the local mums can give feedback on the other options - struggling to decide between: Benfield, Brackenbury,
St. Nicholas and Mile Oak.
I would opt for the bilingual school but difficult logistically as still at BACA for most of the next academic year.
My gut preferrence is for Benfield, despite its bad rep - was really pleasently surprised, seems the new head is turning things round quickly although less grounds/green space as compared to the others. Thanks

tinkitonki Fri 05-Dec-14 00:33:02


We must be v.close to you, Peter Gladwin is our nearest too 5mins walk, but we didn't get in this year as the catchment shrunk massively due mainly to high sibling numbers, might be worth finding out if this is the case for this year too as if not then the distance to school could rise again? However with hindsight a 1 form entry wouldn't have been right for us anyway, not enough friendship options, what if it's a boy/girl heavy year and you have the opposite, no scope to move classes if bullying happens etc.

Friends of mine are doing the rounds now for next year, they said the head at Brackenbury put them off majorly on the tour.
St Nicks I don't know about, we didn't view as we didn't like the religious vibe from the school packs.
Mile Oak too far from us logistically but I know people from nursery whose kids are there and they seem happy.

So we got Benfield. We looked initially not expecting to be impressed but we were so it was our second preference after PG as it was closer to us.
Head is amazing, executive head really knows her stuff and the teachers and ta's are great (admittedly I only have first hand experience of reception)
The school is working really hard to pull itself out of the bad reputation and move up the OFSTED ranks.
Our lo is thriving, cried at half term as school was shut!
I've been in for various parent/class sessions and the kids all seem really engaged.
It's in our mind the right time to join the school. New head, new energy, only way is up and all that!
We got a vibe when we visited and we couldn't shake the feeling that despite the bad reputation it was the school for us. So far it is smile
PM me if you want to ask specific questions and I'll tell you what I know smile

ijcollins Tue 09-Dec-14 11:20:08

Thanks so much for your feedback tinkitonki. Just sent you a PM with some other questions if you don't mind!

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