Recommendations sought regarding Family-friendly GPs and/or Surgeries in Hove

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happycloud Sat 04-Oct-14 11:59:00

Hello, I plan to move to Hove next week with my 1-year old son and husband and so I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding local GPs and surgeries. The 3 following centres listed on the Mumsnet healthcare map seem to be quite close: (1) Goodwood Court Medical Centre; (2) Sackville Medical Centre; (3) Central Hove Surgery/Dr Hall and Partners. I would be very grateful for any positive or negative feedback on these or any other Surgeries/GPs in the area. I will mostly be on foot, but happy to walk a bit further for a better doctor/practice.

solstice930 Thu 18-Dec-14 16:49:17

This is a bit older, but please avoid Goodwood Court! They were our GP surgery for years but have gone very downhill in the past few years. The doctors are nice enough, but the reception staff are just terrible. I was never able to get an appointment for my little one, and spent hours at the drop in clinic near Brighton Station. We recently moved to Central Hove Surgery, and they are much more organised and professional. I highly recommend them!

happycloud Thu 18-Dec-14 17:20:11

Thanks so much for this useful feedback!

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