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LJdogwalker Wed 24-Sep-14 19:59:47

Hi all,
I am toying with the idea of moving down to the Brighton Area but cannot decide where would be affordable and be a decent place to bring a couple of kids up in. Two girls aged 9 and 12. We have visited friends in Saltdean a few times and the girls love the sea! and I get a nice feeling about the place, though its getting quite expensive now.Anyway maybe somewhere close to the sea would be good and not too far to get into Brighton Centre. Schools are also really important ofcourse! We have looked at Peacehaven and although its cheaper I dont get a good feel about the place. Someone suggested Newhaven but I havent heard good things about it. What about Seaford? Any suggestions would be much appreciated? thanks

mojomojo1 Sun 28-Sep-14 08:01:29

Hi there, I doing just the same thing and looking at schools in Hove and Lewes. I went to see The Priory in Lewes last summer and was not very impressed although it has an 'Outstanding' from Ofsted. But, then I keep telling myself I'm coming from an International School with 15 in a class so I need to 'get real' . I also looking at Dorothy Stringer in Hove which was really lovely. Bright, sunny and the staff seemed really great and the kids happy. Hove is supposed to have a lovely community and Lewes is beautiful. Hope this helps a little. If you find out anything keep me posted as I'm in the same boat as you.

tinkitonki Tue 30-Sep-14 00:31:18

Hi. Just wondered if you have thought of the other side of Brighton? Shoreham/worthing area? Loads of our friends have made the move that way and rave about it.
I personally wouldn't touch Newhaven with a barge pole, and though it may seem near to Brighton it doesn't have the same vibe about it.
Hove is lovely but v.expensive and not sure about the school places situation.
Patcham maybe? Village like but still Brighton and great bus service into town.

mojomojo1 Tue 30-Sep-14 13:07:26

Thank you. That's really helpful. Need all the advice I can get as slightly confused !

Whiskymist48 Sat 11-Jul-15 07:02:06


Would like any advice again on moving from London to Brighton area. I have two boys age 3 and 6 so again would like advice on good junior and secondary schools ., someone suggested Preston park. Any advice would be really helpful
Many thanks

Applepicker Thu 16-Jul-15 18:03:16

It depends on your budget and things you're looking for as there are such a mix of areas, housing types etc in Brighton and Hove. If you need to find a space for your six-year old then I'd suggest calling the council to see where as spaces as most of the good schools will be full. Some areas are oversubscribed for schools, others less so. Preston park is lovely but don't know about schools in detail as I don't live there

Brightonhome Fri 14-Aug-15 22:01:18

Hi LJdogwalker, wondered if you ever moved to Saltdean? Just that I live here and I love it. The Lido will be renovated for next summer (heated outdoor pool!!!) the beach is stunningly beautiful, and Brighton's only 15 mins along the coast. Downside is that although the local primary is good, your kids would have a bit of a journey to any decent senior school.

Katiejean76 Sun 16-Aug-15 09:25:34


I've been wanting a fresh start in Brighton for a while now and am in a good position to move from my current town as I'm having to leave my rented accommodation. Anyway - and I'll try not to waffle- every time I see a flat on right move, it's gone within a day! So I need to move with no job, no school place and no friends to move into with as a base. I have the funds to pay for a flat a few months in advance but without being able to base myself in Brighton it's proving to be so difficult!!! My son is about to go into year 1

Has anyone done this or can anyone offer me any advise on a way round this?

Thank you!!!!

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