Hanover/ Preston Circus/ Poets Corner???

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clare48 Mon 26-Aug-13 09:35:38

Hi, we're starting to view houses in Brighton next weekend and based on prices and endless hours on RightMove we have lined up viewings in three possible areas:

Hanover - we have very close friends who live here and our regular visits over the last few years have been the inspiration for us to make the move.

Preston Circus - we can't quite afford in the area north of London Road (is this properly classed as 'Fiveways'?) but looks like we just about can in the area south of London Road (am i right thinking this area is called 'Preston Circus'?)

Poets Corner - looks like we can afford this area too but we don't know Hover at all
Would be great to hear any thoughts you have about living in these areas .. Hanover we know from our visits but Preston Circus and Hove not at all.

Also, what does anybody have a view on Hollingbury Park Ave which is technically Fiveways i think but on the east side of Ditchling Road. We can just about afford there ...

thanks for any news/views/thoughts smile

Lavage Wed 04-Sep-13 19:58:32

I like Hollingbury Park Ave so long as you are not too far down the hill.

Hanover is fun, but choose your street carefully as there is a student problem there, plus schools are tricky. Closer to Elm Grove, and the other side of Elm Grove are slightly bigger houses - Bonchurch Road, Sandown Road etc.

Poet's Corner is really nice too. A good community - very like Hanover, in fact.

I wouldn't go south of London Road around Preston Circus. It's in a dip, so a bit dark and depressing.

clare48 Thu 05-Sep-13 21:19:29

Hi Lavage,

many thanks for your thoughts.. we've done our first round of viewings now and are coming back this weekend for more. We're starting to get a bit more of a feeling for different areas and there's clearly pros and cons to all within our price bracket.

what's harder for us to gauge from limited visits is the overall community feel in different areas. we have a 9 year old daughter so that's a big factor.

Hanover we feel we understand more , but Preston Circus (between Ditchling Rise and Viaduct Road) and Fiveways (not golden triangle - can't afford there!) less so.

Any more comments you have on these areas?


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