Anyone have experience of St Paul's CE School admissions?

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Zoela1 Tue 06-Aug-13 23:00:17

Hi - I've read the admissions criteria etc, but does anyone have any first hand info about the likelihood of getting into St Paul's Primary School for those who are not churchgoers but live very nearby (400m)? Tricky situation as we seem to live too far from all but faith schools. I have no problem with my daughter attending a faith school but I hear they are likely to be less enthusiastic about us!
Thanks in advance.

happymundanes Thu 26-Sep-13 15:30:48

Hi Zoela, just saw this and thought I'd answer in case you're still out there smile

We live about 400m from St. Pauls too and are trying to work out what chance we have of getting a place there for September 2014. Apparently last year only 1 person got in on catchment area alone (i.e. not churchgoer or sibling) but apparently it was a bumper year for siblings. We're going to put it first but looking at other options too.

Have you heard any more since you posted?

localnickname Mon 07-Oct-13 11:27:15

Hi there.

We applied last year (starting September 2013) and there was only 1 non-churchgoer who got a place, although that has changed quickly already, as a couple more places became available. However the waiting list also prioritises churchgoers over non-churchgoers.
To be sure of getting in, you need to go to church (and probably one of the linked churches) twice a month for a year before the application deadline, which is in January.

Zoela1 Fri 21-Nov-14 23:52:10

Thanks Happymundanes and Localnickname, if you're still out there. I've only just seen your replies, one year later!
Happymundanes - i'd be really interested to know how you got on? Did you manage to find a place at a school you wanted? (Sounds like we live very close to eachother.) We're applying now for September 2015, so any tips very welcome!

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