Shoreham by Sea mums meetup

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margot123 Fri 19-Jul-13 12:03:08

Hi there, I've just moved over here with my parter and 11 months old son. It's a great area and we're absolutely loving it! The only issue is....we don't know anyone yet... As I'm not working at the moment I'm getting a bit bored. Is there anyone around who would like to meet up for a coffee?

Maybe we can even create a group and do something weekly (or am I getting overexcited now;)). Hope to hear something soon. I'm 34 and originally from The Netherlands.

uponthehill Wed 11-Sep-13 23:17:09

Hi margot123

I'm new-ish to Shoreham too. I have a 15 month old girl (and 6 year old boy) and would be happy to meet for a coffee, playgroup or something. I'm not working at the moment either, so have plenty of free time wink

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